Ohad Maiman Israel



Ohad Maiman is a New York based Philosopher and Artist. Following 3 years of service in the IDF Special Forces, Maiman has travelled the Far East and South America extensively, eventually settling in New York in the summer of '99. He graduated from Columbia University in Philosophy and Visual Arts '03.  Maiman is preoccupied with capturing life in its spontaneous, instinctual instances. His international street photography, richly saturated with color, are humanistic vignettes that herald natural simplicity over what Maiman claims as the doomed fate of highly constructed fine art.  




1999Columbia University, Visual Arts/ Philosophy BA. New York, US




2005Venture Solo Show, Neel Edeling Curator, Avedon Studio, NYC


2005CVZ Contemporary Video Works Showcase & Previews of works on paper by Matt Jones and Photography by Ohad Maiman


2004New York New Work Group Show; Ayelet Aldouby & Doron Polak Curators Givataim Museum, Israel


2003Wants, Traveling Art-Book Group Show. Doron Polak Curator 


2002Substance Group Show, Lerner Hall Gallery, Columbia University




2004Wonder Photography Book.



“Wants” A Final Independent study guided by Dana Hoey, on life’s forks and our wondering dilemma. 


“ The Curious Aborigine” A Philosophical Treatise on the random nature of science.

“ Wonder” A Novel about a 21st century young man’s stream-of-consciousness existential crisis. 



“War” A Glimpse into War, humanity, and how humanity creates wars.


“How else could the explain the flight of a bird?” A Philosophical exploration of God and Myth.


2001“Malice and Compassion” A series on the fine line between hate and love, tenderness and horror.


2000 “Favorite Works” A collection of Writings, paintings, and photographs of naïve rebellion.



“Angels” A series exploring the peaceful perfection of our mythical self-perception.

           “Introspection” A first look through the mirror and beyond.