Brittany Beiersdorf: Visions of the Initiate

12 September - 13 October 2008 Collective Hardware NY
Brittany Beiersdorf, Request to Know (Virginia), 2005


Brittany's work deals with her personal revelations when coming into contact with, glimpsing visions of what the mystics would call non-ordinary reality.  Through the rawness and sincerity of the frames captured by her pin-hole camera she seeks to draw the viewer into a transcendental world where man experiences a communion with nature and his surroundings and is transported to a higher plane of thought governed by intuition and visceral responses to the mysterious workings of existence in its rawest form.  Through a more figurative and romantic vision than we are used to seeing in today's art world, her images stir strange emotions in us, as we are lured into this enchanted world all things familiar seem so foreign, we are forced to tackle the sense of mystery and serenity they envelop us in.  Each image represents a kind of epiphany, an initiation into a newly discovered truth, and is in turn a tribute, a prayer to this new found union amongst the dualities of nature.



In my photographic process there is a personal recognition, a request for initiation. Photography as a medium allows me to envision what I have not yet seen. My photographs are recordings, questioning the perception of what is visible and invisible. For centuries art has been created toward a feeling of transformation and communicational experience. I believe this to be one of the most powerful connections  that  can be experienced by the artist and viewer. I am interested in creating a  dialogue about the Unknown in ourselves and in nature, the universe, regeneration and the infinite.  I want to collaborate with an uncertainty that reveals something I am looking to discover. Imagination becomes the projected voice of reality, the choreography of energies provides the account and the camera allows for acknowledgment.


I have been using a pinhole camera because of its ability to see through the veils of  the physical world.  My photographic process has the potential to be of a transfixed reality.  Recalling the visionary films of Maya Deren, the reality she created in her films live in the dimensional  levels of consciousness.  They take part in the ongoing ritual of  capturing a reality that is deeply unknown, and therefore never defined.  This exploration is the intention of awareness I search for also. The idea of place and placement extend in a communication with land, water, sky and the shape-shifting  human form. Most of my images are incorrespondence with a particular, personal landscape. The landscape of home, internally and externally. These are the places I am constantly returning to, and have been for years. Places that have seen change and have seen change within me. Visual fragments stimulate language and reflection, vision comes from experience, authenticity comes from truth.