Joffrey Jans & Christophe Lopez-Huici




Christophe Lopez-Huici was born in Paris in 1982. Raised in a multi-lingual and artistically inclined family, Lopez was encouraged to pursue his artistic talent from the age of four after his family stumbled on some of his peculiar, but undeniably gifted drawings.  At the age of seven, Lopez began to take sculpture classes, thus receiving formal training from a very early age. After graduating from high school, Lopez was accepted at the Sorbonne where he studied art history. Subsequently, Lopez was awarded a scholarship at Parsons School in Paris where he once again took up formal artistic training—this time in illustration. For Lopez, this seemed to be a fitting mode of artistic expression: “It seems to me that illustration is the best opportunity to connect my imagination and fantasy with a satiric view of society.” Christophe Lopez-Huici has been studying and working in New York for two years, where the 24-year-old artist continues his education as an illustrator at the Parsons School of Design. 





2004-2006BFA in Illustration at Parsons School of Design, NY


2002-2006BFA in Illustration at Parsons School of Design, Paris

2001-2002Art History at La Sorbonne, Paris





June 2006Claymation music video for the band “The Brimstones”


March 2006Illustration for the packaging of “The Bullshit Blocker”


May 2006Group show at The Art Directors Club, NY


April 2006Group show at The Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn


December 2005Show of the Puppets Project at Katarina Zavodska Fine Arts in Miami


January 2005Puppets Project in collaboration with Joffrey Jans



June 2004Group Show at Espace Commines, Paris



Joffrey Anthony Jans was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1981. The son of a designer and an opera singer, he was raised in a creative family environment in which he acquired a wide knowledge and love of music and learned to play piano, guitar and drums. Early in his childhood, he also developed an intense passion for painting and sculpture. He attended the renowned Leibniz Gymnasium in Offenbach, and he also took courses in creative drawing, figure drawing and sculpture. After graduation, he studied design management and then communications design at the Parsons School in Paris. It was at Parsons where Jans discovered his preference for film and animation. Mid-way through his studies, Jans transferred to Parsons School in New York where he continued his training in animation and film and embarked on numerous personal art projects. In New York, Jans also aided the formation of the successful creative group Kompost NYC, which achieved almost immediate international recognition in commercial advertising. Despite his success in advertising, Jans left the company to dedicate himself exclusively to his own fine art projects.




2001-Abitur at the LeibnizschuleOffenbach/ Main

2001-2003Parsons School of DesignParis

2003-2005Parsons School of DesignNew York

2005-Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Parsons School of Design





December 2002  Corporate Identity for the company “Wave” (Wellness and Vitalization Enterprises)


February 2003 Direction and post-production for the music video of the Swiss Band “PMT”


May 2003  Co-founding the Production firm KOMPOST ( in New York with partners Yves

Kuperberg, Oliver Conrad, Gian Kleingutti


June 2003  Animation for the NY nightclub “PM” 

Pitch for Motorola Animation 

Pitch for ‘J-Luv’ feat. Semi Deluxe music video “Porn Star”


September 2004 Motion Identity for “LAVA Records” (Sub-label of Atlantic Records)


November 2004 Corporate identity for the London bakery chain “Bread”

Promotion for the company “Terk”

Assistant director, postproduction for Music Video for J-Luv ‘Signal’ feat. Azat 

Assistant director, postproduction of TV commercial for ‘Mexico Now’


December 2004 Direction and postproduction of the short film series “The Americans of the Decadence” feat. Theodore Boukoulos


January 2005  Founding of the artist group ‘Puppetsproject’ ( with Christophe Lopez-Huici.


June 2005  Photo shoot “The Americans of the Decadence”


April-August 2005 Finalizing the Following Art series: “Faces” / “In God we Trust”


June 2005 Separation with Kompost.


August 2005 Finalization of the series: “Puppets” / “Masque” 


October 2005 Start of the first big series of paintings in Berlin, Germany


January 2006 Production manager at Dreamwalker GmbH (

“Valentine’s Day” Animation (mobile content) for Bongiorno


February 2006 Mobile content for Media net Berlin Brandenburg

Mobile Content for O2

Project Coordination for “PremiereWin” TV Spot