Yanna Soares: Driftwood

15 - 18 April 2010
Yanna Soares, 1, 2010


For her first solo show at CVZ Contemporary, Brazilian artist Yanna Soares presents Driftwood, an installation consisting of 31 squares of silkscreened plexiglass. The artists creates an intimate nautical fantasy which is punctuated by waves suggesting how all our lives are affected by tides and currents. The work is deliberately fragmented and includes a number of close-ups of human features brushed by undulations and beaches.


Soares' work consists of experimenting with unconventional surfaces and embracing the complexities of printmaking, which involve contrasting references in order to intuitively give them order. The artist is fascinated by her native Brazil and her relationship to her country as a sensory and aesthetic experience. Her work is permeated with Brazilianisms, either through her investigations of the country's colonial past or through her own observations of her life in the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The dissemination of images and the meditative quality of repeating and accumulating that can only be produced through printmaking is what most defines her work.